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Adult Catechesis (Instruction) Classes at Holy Cross will begin Sunday, February 14, at pm. These classes are open to all. Home/ Adult Catechesis Soup and Bread Series Description: The Soup and Bread Series is an adult religious education class that combines the social aspect of a meal of soup and bread with adult faith formation. It includes videos, discussion, and prayer as well as hot soup and warm bread.

Adult Catechesis & Evangelization. To become once again a Church driven by evangelical momentum and audacity, we must again become faithful and evangelized disciples.-Pope Francis. In a meeting with Roman clergy on September 16, , Pope Francis challenged the priests in their ministry to lead people into discipleship. Catechesis for Adults. RCIA (15) Catechisms (14) Catholic Fath Explorers (2) Faith Fundamentals (47) Catechesis for Adults. Results per page. Sort by. View By. Activities Based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church, 2nd Edition. By: Ellen Rossini. Paperback. $ $ A Catechetical Dictionary for the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

PRELIMINARY REMARKS The International Council for Catechesis (COINCAT) took as the theme for its sixth plenary session, held in Rome October , , the "Catechesis . Adult Catechesis in the Christian Community, International Council for Catechesis, On Catechesis in Our Time / Catechesi Tradendae, John Paul II, Sobre la Catequesis en Nuestro Tiempo / Catechesi Tradendae, Juan Pablo II, On Evangelization in the Modern World / Evangelii Nuntiandi, Paul VI,

Catechesis is an education in the faith of children, young people and adults which includes especially the teaching of Christian doctrine imparted, generally speaking, in an organic and systematic way, with a view to initiating the hearers into the fullness of Christian life. Spiritual Formation and Catechesis for Adults. In addition to meeting the certification needs of catechists, the ECFL Office supports the ongoing spiritual formation of Catholic adults throughout the Diocese by opening its course offerings to all who wish to deepen their understanding of the Church’s teachings and in so doing, become better.

Adult Catechesis is a Lifelong and Ongoing Process "The Church's catechetical mission aims to help the faithful of all ages to grow in both human and Christian maturity, enriching the whole of life with the leaven of the Gospel." Every week, we will delve into a topic important to our faith. Imagine trying to run a church. Imagine having to provide services to a group of families ranging in ages from months to over a century and everything in between. How impossible is it to cater to every age group and their individual needs. This challenge is especially prevalent in adult catechesis. It has been my experience that catechesis ends with confirmation in most parishes.