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adult funny short poems - Poem: Sex Is Like Music

Funny poems can be reality based. This funny poem is based on a true story. Seven Foot Lunch Three genteel ladies went lunching At a sophisticated hotel. Their elevator door opened; They gasped, and their faces fell. A seven-foot man was inside, With an intimidating expression. They got in anyway; They were the very souls of discretion. "Sit!". Oct 03,  · POEM # 1. I like your style. I like your class. but most of all i like your ass. POEM # 2. Im a cool girl, in a cool town. it takes a real mother ****er to put me down. POEM # 3. Kissing is a habit.

Funny Sexy Poems © V 4 C Last night I held a lovely hand, A hand so small and neat, I thought my heart would burst with joy, So wildly did it beat. No other hand unto my heart Could greater pleasure bring Than the dear one I held last night--Four aces and a king. © V 4 C Funny Sexy Poems.