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In The Adventure of Link, set six years after The Legend of Zelda, the now-sixteen-year-old Link notices a strange mark on the back of his left hand, resembling the crest of Hyrule. He seeks out Impa, who responds by taking Link to the North Castle, where a door has been magically sealed for generations. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker () occurs hundreds of years after Ocarina of Time, and is the first game set in the "Adult Link Timeline", an alternate timeline to the "Child Link Timeline" and the "Fallen Hero Timeline".

Link is a child in the official Legend of Zelda timeline's Adult Era branch, but there's a logical explanation for Nintendo's confusingly named era. By Camden Jones Published Mar 13, The jumbled timeline of Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda series is a confusing document, not helped by its seemingly misnamed timeline branch, the "Adult Era.". Officially licensed Nintendo costume. More on The Legend of Zelda Adult Link Costume: Zelda needs rescuing, again go on an adventure in a Link Costume for men! Inspired by the long-running video game series The Legend of Zelda, this Link Costume features his classic green tunic, belts, pouch, and floppy green hat.

In this game Adult Link is seventeen. You turn into him by jumping seven years into the future after pulling the Master Sword out of the Pedestal of Time. The Adult Link Timeline is the timeline that follows the events after Link is being sent back to his original time, following the Hero of Time's defeat of Ganondorf in the final battle and his subsequent sealing within the corrupted Sacred Realm by the Seven Sages.

Zelda sends Link back in time causing the creation of the Child Timeline, but she remains on the Adult Timeline where Link no longer exists and Ganon is sealed in the Sacred Realm. Once Zelda has sent Link back into the Child Timeline, she replaces the Master Sword back into the Pedestal of Time, thus sealing the Door of Time.