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The other photo shows what I think might be a view from under the table in a subsequent scene. Of course I’m doing lots of other ‘hands on’ research but I won’t say whose hands are where. Tagged: Classic spanking art, Classic DD, Domestic discipline, Simon Says series. If you are a fan of adult spanking from the receiving end, I'll take a shrewd guess that somewhere buried in your psyche, or perhaps not very buried, is the image of the strict no-nonsense teacher. Personally, I really love the authority that goes with the role. But not only that, it's the altrusitic intention [ ].

Thanks for sharing a great scene with a hot couple, nice panty spanking and the background noise only added to the video, thanks great stuff and you two are a nice team. jean July 30, at am. Even Good Girls Need Spanking — An Erotic Story. A college girl gets some punishment [FM][light domination][spanking] This is the first story I’ve written that is loosely based on a video as.

Share your videos with friends, family, and the world. The spanking pose is from Attitude Bento. Both of our bodies are from Maitreya and our heads are Lelutka. Mine is a Nuri. My hair is from Truth and my skin is Glam Affair. My outfit is from Layla's Adult .

Still, I am a spankophile and while I am opposed to the RL spanking of kids I nonetheless find the fictional account of such stories, and some remembrances of my own and other's RL experiences, very arousing. The Stories. Here, you'll find many kinds of spanking stories: F/m, M/m, M/f, F/M, F/f, etc. The Virgin spanking the Christ Child,, by Max Ernst ( - ); a German (naturalised American in and French in ) painter, sculptor, graphic artist, and poet. The full title of the painting is The Virgin Spanking the Christ Child before Three Witnesses: Andre Breton, Paul Eluard, and the Painter.

Spanking Female Nudity () Male Nudity () Father Son Relationship () Nudity () Bare Chested Male () Murder () Husband Wife Relationship () Mother Son Relationship () Kiss () Dancing () Based On Novel () Independent Film () Male Rear Nudity () Sex () Death () Sex Scene () Bare Breasts () Dog ( Here is a modest collection of Victorian spanking photos to illustrate the point. Since then every new medium has swelled the library of CFNF chastisement from the earliest of moving pictures to the multimedia extravaganzas of our own times, many more of which I hope to share with you in future posts.