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Apr 18,  · You can also be contagious if you have viral pneumonia. The same viruses that cause colds and flu can cause viral pneumonia. Other viruses that attack the respiratory system can be Author: Diana Wells. Is Pneumonia Contagious in Adults? Pneumonia is indeed contagious in adults, and simple things such as not covering your mouth while sneezing or coughing are sufficient to contribute to its spread. .

Sep 24,  · Pneumonia is contagious when the causative pathogens (usually bacteria or viruses) are expelled by an infected person by coughing out infected droplets. These expelled droplets . How Long Does It Take To Get Better From Pneumonia.

Aug 21,  · Pneumonia is contagious when it is caused by infectious pathogens, like bacteria or viruses. This is the case with most types of pneumonia, including: Bacterial pneumonia is the most .