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Jun 03,  · The white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) gets its name for the white fur on the underside of its tail, which it flashes when it senses a species includes several subspecies, such as the tiny Florida Key deer and the large northern white-tailed deer. White-tailed deer length ranges from 95 to cm (37 to 87 in), including a tail of 10 to cm ( to in), and the shoulder height is 53 to cm (21 to 47 in). The average summer weight of adult males is 68 kg ( lb) and is kg ( lb) in adult females.

This subspecies looks just like all other White-tails except it’s one-quarter of the size of a regular White-tailed deer. An adult male Key Deer weighs only 50 pounds. This is a clear and. For example, reported home range size of adult males during the breeding season has ranged from ha to 2, ha (Thayer , 6 Foley ).

The typical, annual average home range for white-tailed deer is considered about one square mile ( acres). However, the sex and age of the deer and habitat types will influence varying size home ranges. Yearling males will move many miles while adult females usually have smaller stable, annual home ranges. Male White-Tailed Deer Female White-Tailed Deer White-Tailed Deer. Reddish-brown to blue-gray or tan coloring; underside of tail is white, producing a “flag” when raised off the rump. Antlers on the male primarily consist of a main beam with tines growing from it. Maximum antler size occurs between 5–7 years of age. Habitat and Habits.

older deer. In the second yearling stage, milk premolars are being replaced by adult premolars. In this photo, the 3rd premolar is now a partially erupted, 2-cusped adult tooth. In the last stage, all adult premolars are fully erupted with very little or no wear showing on . This deer can be recognized by its characteristic size, smaller than all other white-tailed deer. Adult males (known as bucks) usually weigh 25–34 kg (55–75 lb) and stand about 76 cm (30 in) tall at the shoulder. Adult females (does) usually weigh between 20 and 29 kg (44 and 64 lb) and have an average height of 66 cm (26 in) at the.

Apr 24,  · When it comes to size and weight, there are variations based on sex, age, and geographic mule deer usually measure around cm (42 in) tall at the shoulder. White-tailed deer vary more; on average they are smaller than mule deer, but some subspecies are quite bigger. Dec 23,  · An adult male Key Deer weighs only 50 pounds. This is a clear and obvious difference, but not all subspecies are this clear-cut. White-tailed Deer follow the biological rule (Bergmann’s Rule) that states that, within a species, the farther north latitude you live, the larger you are, and the farther south you live, the smaller you are.