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adult spanking therapists michigan - Radio Station Wet T-Shirt Contest in Michigan Part 1

I find this request fairly frequently in my inbox. I don't have a problem with obliging. However, my determination to give a painful spanking coupled with my enjoyment of the reciprocal sting on my hand tends to lead to getting a little carried away. This picture was taken months ago and my palm has healed. Miss Kelley can provide ongoing discipline for those looking for more accountability, and can also provide one off experiences or releases. Miss Kelley is very strict, and she takes real life discipline very seriously. If you come to her for a proper punishment spanking, you will be leaving very sore and very contrite.

I don't know of many actual spanking therapists, though I've heard of a few. However, in most cases, what you end up getting is a dominatrix, which you should be able to find simply by looking them up in any local adult publications. Disciplinarian, Spankologist, Dominatrix, Adult Baby Mommy. Home. Spankos. Domination. AB's. Online Shop; NO SEXUAL SERVICES. Disciplinarian and Spankologist. Ms. Rochelle can do the three general types of spanking including relaxing, theraputic and discipline spankings. Also included are the following options: Get over here and get the.