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Stereopsis is a term that is most often used to refer to the perception of depth and 3-dimensional structure obtained on the basis of visual information deriving from two eyes by individuals with normally developed binocular vision. Because the eyes of humans, and many animals, are located at different lateral positions on the head, binocular vision results in two slightly different . The stereopsis grade of binocular vision is assessed by various charts, including the titmus fly test and the random dot stereo acuity chart. Monocular cues The brain can achieve depth perception with a single eye through simulated stereopsis and the use of monocular cues, including texture variations and gradients, defocus, color, haze, and relative size [11] [12].

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While it has now been shown that an adult may gain stereopsis, it is currently not yet possible to predict how likely a stereoblind person is to do so, nor is there general agreement on the best therapeutic procedure. Also the possible implications for the treatment of children with infantile esotropia are still under study.