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If you are not currently a Nevada County Adult Education student, you also must register through the portal below. Click below for access to your Aztec Online Learning Portal. Aztec Quick Start Student Guide. Once you have your username and password, you can use this document to help you navigate the website. Aztec PLUS Student Support. The people of the Aztec empire had compulsory education for everyone regardless of their gender or their class. That means that even slaves or girls could get an education. When children were still young, their education was the responsibility of the adult. The father would teach the sons, and the mother the daughters.

Enroll in a free state approved adult education class for a minimum of 40 hours. Meet pre and post-test assessment guidelines. Achieve the minimum score to determine readiness (GED Ready ® practice test or Aztec’s GED ® Practice Test). Attend the adult education program until successful completion of GED ® Testing. Aztec Student Senate Bylaws. For Adult Basic Education Student Representatives: Maintain a 75% attendance rate in quarterly courses and be free from Code of Conduct violations. This includes, but not limited to, the Pima Aztec Senate Bylaws. Pima Aztec Student Senators that fail to meet eligibility requirements at any time during.

Johnson County Adult Education (JCAE) helps individuals age 16 and older who are no longer in school gain basic skills in reading, writing, math and everyday survival. Their dedicated staff and team of volunteers help students prepare for the General Education Development (GED®) test and they work with individual students to create a. Jul 22,  · Aztec Education: Telpochcalli. Telpochcalli taught boys history and religion, agricultural skills, military fighting techniques and a craft or trade, preparing them for a life as a farmer, metal worker, feather worker, potter or soldier. Athletically talented boys might then be sent on to the army for further military training.

Arkansas Adult Education. ARKANSAS ADULT LEARNING RESOURCE CENTER W. Capitol, Suite Little Rock, AR Like Us on Facebook Follow Us on Youtube. Site by The Design Group. Aztec Adult Education: Fundamentals Series Foundations Series Bridge Series High School Equivalency: GED Prep GED Flash GED - Kaplan Version GED Play Employability Skills: Life Skills Education Employability Skills Series Learn 2 Work AE Students GED Practice Clock Time The system tracks time on task for each activity completed and is counted.

Adult Education instructor December to Current Adult Basic Education Department/San Juan College - Farmington, New Mexico. Instructor for all subjects for students seeking their General Education Diploma. Created model program and curriculum design for off-site programs and presented to other instructors. They could be used for distance learning. Each one allows teacher to monitor use on behalf of the student. For students on the path of high school equivalency, we use Essential Education's Tabe and TASC Academies, as well as the Life Essential series. We also use Aztec, which provides an offline component that we use in our correctional facilities.