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Oct 06,  · Braces: Braces use a two-stage process and are still the most common treatment for overbites. In stage one, metal brackets are fastened to the patient’s teeth and then connected with a metal wire to straighten and align teeth. Once your teeth are straight, your orthodontist will focus on fixing your overbite. Some adults with severe skeletal overbite and jaw problems need more than braces to correct the problem and surgery is required to reposition the jaw. Braces need to be used in combination with other treatments such as surgery or tooth extractions. An orthodontist refers patients to an oral surgeon or dentist for extractions.

How to fix an overbite after braces You may find that the best way to fix overbite after braces is to get braces again. You can choose from metal braces, clear or ceramic braces, lingual braces, or self-ligating braces. Metal braces are the ones you typically think of, and they are also the least expensive option. In many adults, overbite braces helped solve serious self-esteem issues and improve their facial features. This is why giving up on the concept of wearing overbite braces is not ideal. All things considered, overbite braces achieve the desired effect without making life-long changes.