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What constitutes an affair – intercourse? Instant messaging? What makes cyber-relationships particularly seductive? Is there room for secrets in couples therapy and, if so, how can therapists create a safe place for each partner’s rigorous honesty and self-scrutiny? When is cybersex a sign of sexual addiction? How can therapists help hurt partners absorb the trauma [ ]. One of the dangerous delights of cybersex is that both men and women can form strong emotional ties, regardless of geographical, political, cultural or marital complications offline. If you do fall.

affairs are about secrets and the violation of trust. Today, there is a new world of affairs in the domain of cybersex. One of the great attractions of Internet affairs is that you can be anyone you dream of being. You can pretend you are a priest when you are a criminal, a man when you are a woman, and so forth. Describe an open secrets policy that helps partners and therapists manage secrets in couples therapy. Specify what makes cybersex so appealing and addictive. Describe a trust-building exercise that fosters connection between partners after an affair in cyberspace or in the flesh. Presenter.