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Sensitivity – The thinner line of Trojan Condoms including the Trojan Bareskin and Trojan Ultra-Thin, Trojan’s thinnest condoms. Stimulations – Condoms that are ribbed to help enhance stimulation. Supra – Latex Free - America’s thinnest non latex condom, made from a polyurethane material. Thintensity – 25% thinner for sensitivity. Feb 05,  · It is now a known fact that wearing a condom that is too small seriously increases the chance of a condom ripping and could potentially cause accidental pregnancy. Trojan Magnum Size. So let’s see how exactly big are Trojan Magnum and Trojan Magnum XL. Below is a Trojan Magnum Size Chart with the most popular Trojan Magnum condoms.

Trojan G. Spot Condom is designed to stimulate her where it counts. Sex is hottest when everyone is having fun and targeted stimulation for her will amplify pleasure for all. The Trojan G. Spot Condom has a unique shape for targeted g-spot stimulation. The Condom material moves with the motion of sex while micro-ribbing slowly builds friction. Get the pleasure you want and the protection you trust with Trojan Condoms. Find latex, lubricated, ribbed and more from the number one condom brand.

Trojan Condoms are the most popular condom on earth and known as America's most trusted brand for almost 90 years. All Trojan brand condoms meet or exceed strict FDA testing requirements. Shop the entire Trojan Brand Condom Styles. Shop the entire line-up including Trojan Pure, Ecstasy, Sensations, Stimulations, Magnums, Charged and Enz are all your assorted product choices to. Trojan is a trusted name when it comes to condoms, whether it be the design and functionality, or simply the feel that they provide, it's sure to offer their users an extremely pleasurable sexual experience. and our guide to trojan condom sizes lays out your options to help you make the right choice.

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