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23 day late period, pregnancy symptoms and negative test Period 1 week late, cramps, and a negative pregnancy test Week late on period, tender breasts, hpt negative Bigger nipples, tender breasts, bloated.. negative test! Bad stomach cramps, missed period, tender breasts Sore breast, Late period and negative test! Feb 26,  · Thyroid disease causes failure to ovulate with resulting progesterone deficiency. Both hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism disturb pituitary hormones (prolactin, FSH, LH). Hypothyroidism deprives the ovarian follicles of the thyroid hormone they need to develop.

Apr 01,  · During your reproductive years, sore breasts could be a sign of pregnancy or a signal that your period is about to start. This condition is called mastalgia. Mastalgia means breast pain. Breast. “The results of our study support the association between benign breast diseases and thyroid diseases,” the study authors wrote. “An important implication of this finding may be demonstration of the necessity of scanning for potential breast pathology in women with nodular or autoimmune thyroid disease in clinical practice.”.

Jul 15,  · Breast pain is indeed one of the earliest signs of pregnancy. It can appear in as little as one to two weeks after conception. Because it may appear before you notice a missed period, breast pain.